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March 2017
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Date Activity Crop Variety Location in Garden - see MAP link above Remarks
Wed 1 Mar Planted shallots Bed 5  
Wed 1 Mar Moved fig tree and planted against wall Bed 12  
Sat 4 Mar Planted shallots and garlic Bed 5  
Sat 4 Mar Potted up geranium plugs in glasshouse  
Sat 4 Mar Planted cucumber seeds Marketmore  
Sat 4 Mar Planted courgette seeds Green Bush  
Sat 4 Mar Planted vegetable spaghetti seeds  
Sat 18 Mar Planted trachelospermum jasminoides Glasshouse  
Sat 25 Mar Planted Broad Beans Imperial Longpod Bed 12  
Sat 25 Mar Cleared area to plant onions Bed 5  
Sat 25 Mar Potted up Busy Lizzie plug plants New Guinea Glasshouse  
Wed 29 Mar Planted Early Potatoes Arran Pilot, Lady Crystl Bed 3