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August 2017
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Date Activity Crop Variety Location in Garden - see MAP link above Remarks
Wed 2 Aug Tidied up and weeded fushia bed and dahlia bed Beds 17 and 22
Sat 5 Aug Pruned plum and greengage trees
Sat 5 Aug Harvested shallots
Sat 5 Aug Cut out side shoots of tomatoes and tied in
Sat 5 Aug Weeding Throughout garden
Wed 9 Aug Wet weather
Wed 9 Aug Staked and tied up dahlias
  ? Aug Pruning Apple Tunnels Exact date uncertain
Sat 12 Aug Pruning Apple Tunnels
Sat 12 Aug First big pick of runner beans Bed 2 Beans have a lot of leaf but few beans
Sat 12 Aug Weeding, weeding and weeding Throughout garden
Sat 26 Aug
Tidied the herb garden, cutting back roses, weeding and cutting back the herbs
Sat 26 Aug
Picked beans of all types
Sat 26 Aug
Wed 30 Aug
Picked first sweetcorn
Bed 2