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August 2017
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Date Activity Crop Variety Location in Garden - see MAP link above Remarks
Wed 2 Aug Tidied up and weeded fushia bed and dahlia bed Beds 17 and 22
Sat 5 Aug Pruned plum and greengage trees
Sat 5 Aug Harvested shallots
Sat 5 Aug Cut out side shoots of tomatoes and tied in
Sat 5 Aug Weeding Throughout garden
Wed 9 Aug Wet weather
Wed 9 Aug Staked and tied up dahlias
  ? Aug Pruning Apple Tunnels Exact date uncertain
Sat 12 Aug Pruning Apple Tunnels
Sat 12 Aug First big pick of runner beans Bed 2 Beans have a lot of leaf but few beans
Sat 12 Aug Weeding, weeding and weeding Throughout garden