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October 2016
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Date Activity Crop Variety Location in Garden - see MAP link above Remarks
Sat 1 Oct Deadheading
Sat 1 Oct Sorting out onions and shallots to ensure they dry properly
Sat 1 Oct Pruning and weeding in the herb garden
Wed 5 Oct General weeding and deadheading
Wed 5 Oct Planted spring cabbage (pointed and round) DK variety names Bed 5
Wed 5 Oct Harvested Barnack Beauty apples
Sat 8 Oct Deadheading and weeding
Sat 8 Oct Planted daffodils February Gold, Jetfire , Jack Snipe Beds 8 and 18
Wed 12 Oct Tidied herb garden
Wed 12 Oct Weeding
Wed 12 Oct Shed cleaned out Thanks Yvonne
Sat 15 Oct Planted Garlic Elephant Garlick, Garlic Provence Wight and Garlic from bulbs grown last year from seed sown by Yvonnes daughter Bed 1
Sat 15 Oct Weeding and generally tidying up
Wed 19 Oct Finished painting glasshouse wall
Wed 19 Oct Digging and weeding
Sat 22 Oct Planted Broad Beans Aquadulce Bed 1
Sat 22 Oct Harvested Apples Morleys Seedlings, Murfitts Seedlings, Green Harvey, Histon Favourite, Narnack Beaity, Lynns Pippin Lynns Pippin are delicious
Wed 26 Oct Moved topsoil for Greenhouse beds and stored surplus against squash court wall
Wed 26 Oct Relocated shrubs Bed 8
Wed 26 Oct Moved hebe Bed 8 to Bed 18
Wed 26 Oct Tidied up border - moved row of Artemesia Powis Castle as it was overcrowding a row of Astromerias Bed 18
Sat 29 Oct Planted Japanese Onions Bed 4
Sat 29 Oct Planted Broad Beans Aquadulce Bed 1
Sun 30 Oct Ramsey Abbey Walled Kitchen Garden Stall made Good Sales of Chutneys, Jams etc at Ramsey Rural Museum Food Fayre