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March 2016
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Date Activity Crop Variety Location in Garden - see MAP link above Remarks
Wed 2 Mar Planted onion sets Fen Early, Fen Globe, Red Fen and Rumba
Wed 2 Mar Weeding Bed 22
Sat 5 Mar No activity to cold and wet
Wed 9 Mar General digging and working on beds 20 and 21
Sat 12 Mar Weeding and planting of strawberries Bed 6
Sat 12 Mar Weeding of fruit cage
Sat 12 Mar Weeding of perennial flower border Bed 20
Sat 12 Mar Trimming of hedges around the herb garden
Sat 12 Mar Hoeing around broad beans
Sat 12 Mar Planting of shallots Bed 7
Wed 16 Mar No activity - wet weather
Sat 19 Mar No activity to wet weather
Wed 23 Mar Planted potatoes Epicure, Sharpes Express, Arran Pilot Bed 1
Sat 26 Mar Planted broad beans Imperial Longpod, Bunyards Exhibition Bed 5 Easter Saturday
Sat 26 Mar Hoeing    Easter Saturday
Wed 31 Mar Weeding and cutting back in herbaceous borders Beds 20 and 21