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January 2016
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Date Activity Crop Variety Location in Garden - see MAP link above Remarks
Wed 6 Jan Pruned blackcurrants
Wed 6 Jan Cleared weeds Bed 4
Sat 10 Jan None due to rain
Wed 13 Jan Pruned redcurrants
Wed 13 Jan Dug trench for runner beans and filled with manure Bed 2 In preparation for runner beans
Sat 16 Jan Pruned gooseberry bushes, the medlar tree and cordoned apples Weather sunny, cold but pleasant
Wed 20 Jan Pruned gooseberries
Wed 20 Jan Planted Pear Concorde Against wall - Bed 18
Wed 20 Jan Planted Damson Merryweather Against wall - Bed 14
Wed 20 Jan Planted Apricot Moor Park Against wall - by Bed 9
Wed 20 Jan Planted Plum Victoria & Czar Against wall - by bed 17
Sat 23 Jan Pruned old apple trees, weeded herb garden, tidied up lavender
Wed 27 Jan Continued pruning gooseberries
Wed 27 Jan Cut back perennials Bed 21
Wed 27 Jan Digging over borders Bed 3
Sat 30 Jan Tidied herb garden
Sat 30 Jan Continued cutting back perennials Bed 21
Electricity installed over the winter months Lengthy process