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April 2016
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Date Activity Crop Variety Location in Garden - see MAP link above Remarks
Sat 2 Apr Planted onion sets Fen Early, Fen Globe, Red Fen and Rumba Bed 7  
Sat 2 Apr Weeding Bed 22  
Wed 6 Apr Planted new potatoes Arran Pilot and Lady Crystl Bed 1  
Wed 6 Apr Tidied herb garden and herbaceous border  
Sat 9 Apr Weeded and raked Bed 22  
Sat 9 Apr Tidied strawberry bed Bed 6  
Sun 10 Apr Planted short rows as follows: Beetroot Boltardy, Mixed Salad Leave, Carrot Early Nantes, Lettuce, Raddish French Breakfast Bed 14  
Wed 13 Apr Planted Potatoes Lady Crystl and Maris Peer Bed 1  
Wed 13 Apr Planted Parsnips Gladiator, Tender and True Bed 22  
Wed 13 Apr Tidied herbaceous border  
Sat Apr No activity due to wet weather  
Wed 20 Apr Planted Potatoes Maris Peer, Kestrel, Charlotte Bed 1  
Wed 20 Apr Planted spring onion Lisbon Bed 7  
Wed 20 Apr Planted Beetroot Boltardy, Chioggia and Burpees Golden Bed 22  
Wed 20 Apr Planted Dill Bed 14  
Sat 23 Apr Planted Carrots Early Nantes, Nigel Bed 22  
Sat 23 Apr Hoed onions and shallots Bed 7  
Sat 23 Apr Weeded in fruit cage  
Wed 27 Apr Tidied up herbaceous border Bed 21  
Wed 27 Apr Digging Bed 4 and part of Bed 12  
Sat 30 Apr Planted Curry plant, camomile and golden thyme Herb Garden  
Sat 30 Apr Hoed and tidied up Bed 5 and Bed 23  
Sat 30 Apr Planted Perpetual Spinach Bed 2  
Throughout April 2016 construction of the new glasshouse commenced