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September 2015
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Date Activity Crop Variety Location in Garden - see MAP link above Remarks
Wed 2 Sep Picked Sweet Corn Bed 4  
Wed 2 Sep Picked Runner Beans Bed 2  
Wed 2 Sep Picked Courgettes Bed1  
Wed 2 Sep Dug Maris Peer potatoes Bed 4  
Wed 2 Sep Weeding herbaceous borders and other weeding Beds 20, 21, 22, 23  
Wed 9 Sep Weeding throughout  
Sat 12 Sep Replacement of fruit cage wire support posts  
Wed 16 Sep Tidied Herbaceous borders  
Sat 19 Sep Weeding  
Sat 26 Sep A good crop of very large marrows and 1 large yellow pumpkin  
Sat 26 Sep Weeding of herbaceous borders  
Sat 26 Sep Weeding of strawberry bed Bed 6  
Sat 26 Sep Dug potatoes Pink fir apple  
Sun 27 Sep Picked pears on west facing wall Bed 14  
Sun 27 Sep Picked apples Hunter Majestic, Charles Ross and James Grieve  
Wed 29 Sep Dug potatoes Kestrel