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May 2015
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Date Activity Crop Variety Location in Garden - see MAP link above
Sat 2 May Hoeing and general tidying up throughout the garden
Sat 2 May Planted Swiss Chard Bright Lights Bed 3
Wed 6 May Weeding and earthing up of potatoes
Sat 9 May Planted Carrots ½ row Senior, ½ row Nantes Early Bed 3
Sat 9 May First row of beetroot planted some weeks ago showed only very sporadic germination so this row of beetroot was replanted Boltardy Bed 3
Wed 13 May Earthing up potatoes Bed 4
Sat 16 May Preparation of bed for planting Bed 15
Sat 16 May Planting of brocolli in net cage Bed 4
Sat 16 May Planting of Zinnias Bed 5
Sat 16 May Planting of Zinnia seeds Bed 22
Sat 16 May Planting of French marigolds between onions Bed 2
Sat 16 May Weeding of apple tunnel  
Wed 20 May Planting of French Beans Delinel & Safari Bed 15
Wed 20 May Planting out of Climbing French Beans which had been set in pots indoors Rob Roy, Hunter & Cobra Bed 7
Wed 20 May Planted out Runner Beans which had been set indoors Celebration, Scarlet Empire Bed 2
Sat 23 May Planted Rudbeckia, Zinneas and French Marigolds Bed 22
Mon 25 May Planted Cleome and Bells of Ireland (mollecula laevis) Bed 22
Wed 27 May Planted Verbascum Bed 20
Sat 30 May Planted Carrots Eskimo & Autumn King Bed 3
Sat 30 May Planted Sunflowers Giant Russian & Harlequin Bed 4
Sat 30 May Planted Courgettes Unknown, possibly seed from last year's Defender Bed 10
Sat 30 May Planted Runner Bean seeds Celebration, White Lady Bed 2
First Broad Beans were harvested 30 May 15 but very small