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June 2015
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Date Activity Crop Variety Location in Garden - see MAP link above Remarks
Wed 3 Jun Planted beetroot Pablo, Chioggia, Burpees Golden & Boltardy Bed 3  
Wed 3 Jun Planted Fennel   Di Firenze Bed 3  
Wed 3 Jun Planted Coriander Leisure Bed 3  
Wed 3 Jun Planted plug plants of Cauliflower and Cabbage Wheelers Imperial, Romanesco & Savoy Bed 4  
Sat 6 Jun 15 Planted Courgettes Defender, 8 Ball & Atena F1 Bed1 May have been planted 10th June 2015
Sat 6 Jun Planted Squash Sunburst, Hunter (butternut), Sweet Dempling, Crown Prince, Uchiku Kuri, Jack Of All Trades, Atlantic Giant Bed 13 May have been planted 10th June 2015
Wed 10 Jun Planted Carrot Autumn King Bed 3
Sat 13 Jun Planted sweetcorn Swift, Wagtail & Lark Bed 4
Wed 17 Jun Planted tomatoes Various Varieties Bed 13
Thu 18 Jun Planted Beans Borlotti Lingua Di Franca Bed 7
Fri 19 Jun Planted French Beans Purple Teepee, Primavera
Sat 20 Jun Fitted stakes and planted out tomatoes Many varieties Bed 4
Sat 20 Jun Weeding and planting out of Cosmos Purity Apple Tunnel
Sat 20 Jun Harvested first potatoes Maris Peer
Sun 21 Jun Planted climbing French Beans Cobra, Hunter, Violet Podded Bed 7
Wed 24 Jun Planted Courgettes Patriot, Black? Bed 10
Thu 25 Jun Planted French Beans Giallo Bed 7?
Sat 27 Jun Weeding and watering throughout garden
Last week Jun Watering of Delphiniums and tender young plants - dedicated efforts of volunteers saved plants Heatwave - Temperatures in upper 20s/low 30s!