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April 2015
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Date Activity Crop Variety Location in Garden - see MAP link above Remarks
Wed 01-Apr-15 Planted early potatoes Rocket, Arran Pilot, Lady Chrystl, Maris Peer & Maris Bard Bed 5
Wed 01-Apr-15 Planted Lettuce Salad Bowl Red Bed 2
Wed 01-Apr-15 Planted Wild Rocket Bed 2
Wed 01-Apr-15 Planted Radish French Breakfast Bed 2
Wed 01-Apr-15 Planted Salad Leaves Bed 2
Wed 01-Apr-15 Planted Spring Onion Lisbon Bed 2
Wed 01-Apr-15 Planted Beetroot Chioggia Bed 2
Wed 01-Apr-15 Weeded flower borders
Sat 04-Apr-15 Planted Parsnips Gladiator, Tender & True Bed 14
Sat 04-Apr-15 Planted Rhubarb Glaskins Perpetual Bed 18
Sat 11-Apr-15 Weeded perenniel flower borders Mix of weather, drizzle, rain, sunshine & breezy
Wed 15-Apr-15 Planted Second Early Potatoes Charlotte, Pink Fir Apple, Kestrel Bed 5
Sat 18-Apr-15 Planted Spinach Beet Bed 3 A fine sunny morning
Sat 18-Apr-15 Planted beetroot Boltardy & Burpees Golden Bed 3?
Sat 18-Apr-15 Planted Cosmos seeds in the greenhouse
Sat 18-Apr-15 Planted sweecorn seed in the greenhouse
Wed 22-Apr-15 Planted Hardy Annuals Clary Sage and Godetial dwaf pink Bed 22
Wed 22-Apr-15 Tidied Herbaceous beds Beds 20 & 21
Sat 25-Apr-15 Planted plugs of lettuces, celeriac, pointed cabbage & romanesco Varieties unknown Bed 2
Sat 25-Apr-15 Hoed and cut back sage etc Herb Garden
Sat 25-Apr-15 Cleared twitch (couch grass) from herbaceous beds Beds 20 & 21
Sat 25-Apr-15 Put first courgettes (grown at home by Carol) into cold frames
Wed 29-Apr-15 Planted Maincrop Potatoes King Edward, Picasso, Maris Piper, Cara Bed 5
Wed 29-Apr-15 Planted Broad Beans Windsor & Karmazyn Bed 7
Wed 29-Apr-15 Planted Hemerocallis (Daylily) Pink Damask Beds 20 & 21
Wed 29-Apr-15 Planted Penstemon Cuttings Penstemon Garnet Bed 21