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November 2014
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Date Activity Crop Variety Location in Garden - see MAP link above Remarks
01-Nov-14 Planted Broad Beans Aquadulce Claudia Bed 13  
05-Nov-14 Planted Strawberries Strawberry Honeoye  
15-Nov-14 Planted and staked blackberry bushes Beds 8 and 18  
15-Nov-14 A grey misty day. The ground was heavy due to recent heavy rain so we weeded along the apple tunnel and alongside the perennial flower borders. Roots of sunflowers were cut up and disposed of.   A trench was dug in bed 2 to be filled with manure in preparation for next years runner beans.  
19-Nov-14 Cut back perennials and tidied plants in cold frame      
22-Nov-14 Planted Strawberries Alice, Florence Bed 6  
22-Nov-14 A grey day but the rain held off. We cut back perennial borders and continued trimming of the ivy above Bed 8, weeding the apple tunnel and digging the trench in Bed 2 for next years runner beans.      
29-Nov-14 Weeded and added compost to the rhubarb patch   Bed 18  
29-Nov-14 Cut back the dahlias