Artefacts found in the garden
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From time to time, "interesting" items come to light - most of them metal. Below are some of those we have found, together with their approximate location. Any information about their origin etc. would be appreciated. Contact us here.

Apricot. Hemskerk - West wall to the left of the pine tree
Apple. Beauty of Bath
Lady Sudeley
Josephine De Malines
Hugh Dickson - along the apple tunnel on the north side new the new gate
China. Laurette Messimy
Kaisha. Laxton Brothers Bedford
(back view) Acme Cast Label
Thin plate. Pencil writing ?Golden Delicious?
?KG or HB?. Muriel Dickson
Large oval plate ?E & F Newton Fitters & C Hitchen?
Pear. Fertility
Apple. Allington Pippin. This photo is of the first one found, a second one was found in June 2013.
Wadhurst Pippin, found 2011 in centre of garden
Found April 2013 - a vigorous, deep pink, climbing rose
Found in May 2016 near the Doyenne du Comice pear, near the compost area on the north facing wall.
Found in May 2016 at the base of the vines not far from the kiosk