2014 July to December
The herbaceous borders and dahlias in August
Tomatoes, sweet corn and apricots in the north border with a south facing, former greenhouse, wall.

Left, a heritage pear tree.

Right, a trained pair tree on the west wall.

An old garage frame, which was converted into a storage shed, is demolished ready for removal.

Asparagus and beans.

Tomatoes next to the kiosk.
A branch of the Victoria Plum tree bends under the heavy weight of the plums!
The old storage shed has finally been removed. None of the current garden volunteers have ever seen this area of the garden without this structure. It makes a great difference to views of the garden in this area.

Left, runner beans in the north west corner.

Right, San Marzano tomatoes, ripen in the August sun.

The new sales table is now being fully used.
A view through the apple tunnel.
Apples on the apple tunnel.
Sunflowers in the garden, including (top right) Russian Giant with the very large heads.
Autumn 2014 in the garden. Above, just three of the obelisks with climbers such as morning glory. Left and right, the cosmos along the path leading to the John Drake urn. Below left, the herbaceous border, Below, quince and below right, fund raising in the garden during Plough day.
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