2013 Part 1
Brackets for tree support wires are fastened onto the walls - a job made harder by the masses of nails in the walls.
Mark Greenhalgh, President of the Rotary Club of Ramsey, plants an apple tree to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II
Palm Sunday, one week to go to Easter and winter comes to Ramsey (and the rest of the UK) again. Strong winds cause deep show drifts up and down the country. March 2013 is now officially the coldest for several decades. Snowdrops disappear below the snow and the daffodils are looking very sad. The rhubarb has a good covering of snow.
Another metal plate found in April. This is a large leafed , pink climbing rose.
June. The other four obelisks are installed on the south side, using funds from donations.
The herbaceous borders in June with the first four obelisks.
Left, the herb garden, right the second set of arches in the north east corner, planted with tomatoes and squashes behind them.
More photos of the herbaceous borders in June
The two areas on either side of the gate in the south wall now look like a cared for part of the garden rather than areas for temporary storage.
Another metal plate found in June - obviously for an apple!