2011 May onwards
May 2011. The new kiosk is delivered and erected, close to the gate in the east wall. It is positioned so that the entrance is visible as well as giving a good view out over most of the garden.
June 2011. The brickwork for the first cold frame is completed. The area around the kiosk is made to look similar to the paths.
Roses alongside the herb garden.
Various fruit inside the fruit cage.
Large, weather resistant rhubarb forcers are bought.
The compost area is tidied up and posts are put in to allow scaffolding planks to be used as walls at the front.
For the forthcoming 40's weekend an Anderson shelter is built at the west end of the garden. It was kindly donated by Mr and Mrs Hyde. It was situated at the end of a "dig for victory" garden.
Various images of the garden in July 2011.
August 2011, 1940's weekend in Ramsey at the new site, just a few hundred yards from the garden. We used the new gazebo for the first time for the sale of books, jewelry and other items.
Left, a 40's weekend visitor enjoys the garden from the seat at the end of the apple tunnel. Right, other visitors to the 40's weekend also look around the garden.
Above - also for the 40's weekend there is a "dig for victory" display in the garden, located in a new gazebo. Below - produce from the garden is now on sale at the entrance. Other images of the garden, including some of the borders.
Below and right - some of the wonderful dahlias in the garden.
There is still a lot of autumn colour in September.

On the left you see the foundations of one of the paths leading to a gate which is unused at the moment. These foundations were then covered with hoggin to match the rest of the garden paths.

On the right is a table display made by Jane Yardley using produce from the garden, for the Ramsey Mayor's Civic Reception, as well as part of the garden display.

October and there is still plenty of colour in the garden. On the right you can see the peppers growing in one of the greenhouses.
The first cold frame is now in use. The glass was kindly provided by Ramsey Glass.
Here you see some of the produce which is for sale at the entrance to the garden on a Sunday afternoon.
November. Restoration of the brick arches in the north west corner is now well underway. Below we see the cold frames now are quite full.
This lupin seems to have become confused, perhaps by the dry, warm autumn this year. The top of it is not what it is supposed to be.
An area to rest at the west edge of the garden, by the side of the crab apple tree. A close up is shown on the right.
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